A Walk Through Time And Toothbrushes in Austin

toothbrushDental implants Austin TX dentist Dr. Goehring and the rest of the staff at Goehring Dental want to take you on a short trip through time today. It revolves around one of the most important tools used in caring for your dental implants; your toothbrush. Those of our patients who are financing their own dental implants should be especially interested in this little history lesson, as a toothbrush is one of the things keeping them from having to finance anymore.

One of the most frequently asked questions our staff members hear from dental implant patients is how they can best car for them. Luckily there are numerous ways to care for dental implants, but one of the quickest and most frequently advised methods given from us is that the patient invest in a good toothbrush and maintain proper oral hygiene.

However, with as often as we give the advise that a patient invest in a good toothbrush, it got us wondering just where exactly the first toothbrush actually came from, and what the history behind the toothbrush is. So, we decided to do a little research, find the answers and bring them back here for you.

It turns out there is a plethora of dental history from humans reaching back thousands of years. In fact, archeologists have uncovered evidence that suggests people in ancient civilizations were using the frayed ends of twigs to scrub their teeth. If you want to use a loose definition of what a toothbrush actually is, we suppose you could consider these twigs to be the first toothbrushes. However, we wanted to know where and when the first contraption of something with the sole use of tooth brushing was constructed.

That answer be found 800 years ago in ancient China. This ancient culture is one of the first known to have people carve handles out of wood or bamboo and then attach coarse hairs to the ends of those handles. These were, for all intents and purposes, the first toothbrushes to grace the pages of history.

however, the first widely produced and distributed toothbrush didn’t come along until a few hundred years later in 18th century England. This model was invented by a man named William Addis. Addis was sitting in a prison cell after being put there for inciting a public riot when he decided to start carving a handle out of a piece of bone that was lying on the floor in his cell. He then drilled holes into the end on that handle, threaded coarse animal hairs through the holes and secured them there with wire. Once Addis was released from prison, he took his toothbrush model with him. It took like wildfire and Addis died a wealthy man. As to how Addis got all those materials while sitting in a prison cell is the real mystery to us. However, we are thankful nonetheless.

We hope you enjoyed this short romp through time with your toothbrush.

Until next time readers, keep smiling.