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Owning a local business can be difficult. Especially in an expanding city like Austin, TX. I understand the trials and tribulations of how hard it can be to bring new traffic to your business. Especially, when you’re competing against other stores with bigger marketing budgets and recognized brand.

A large portion of what makes Austin a unique city is the creative independently owned businesses that add character and exceptional services to our communities. I believe that every small business should have the opportunity to succeed.

With that being said, I’d like to build partnerships with the businesses that keep Austin weird. I want to bring your business to my patient’s attentions and bring new foot traffic through your door.

When I began my blog, my primary goal was to get my readers passionate about their dental health. Over time, my goal has evolved, and I’d like to use my blog for an even greater good – to help direct traffic to storefronts that are doing good in our community. Whether you run a restaurant, bookstore, veterinarian office, or another highly specialized niche, your business plays an integral part in helping our city thrive.

Austin is known for its art, culture, and unique local businesses. Help me draw attention to the great things that are going on in Austin by celebrating the business owners, who provide important goods and services to our local economy. Reach out to us in the form below with a little bit of information about your business, and we’ll feature you on our blog.

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