Support a Local Business – Monkeywrench Books | Austin, TX

reading a bookIn our past blogs, we discussed a variety of dental health related topics. Part of the reason that I began this blog was so I could educate my readers and cultivate community engagement. There’s no doubting that Austin is one of the most vibrant communities in Texas. We’re known for our arts, music, and culture, hence the slogan Keep Austin Weird. This slogan caught on when the larger corporations tried to setup shop and takeover our economy.

Keep Austin Weird is more of a movement than a slogan.  Keep Austin Weird is a simple way of saying that small businesses are here for a reason. They’re what give a city color. They provide character and stories beyond cookie cutter franchises like McDonalds, Subway, Home Depot, or Barnes and Noble.

As a proud proponent of small businesses, I’m going to change topics over the next few blogs to talk about the businesses that keep Austin weird. These are the local businesses that keep our local economy booming and give our city complexity. This is Dr. Dennis Goehring, blogging from my local Austin, TX business, and today I’m going to talk about a book store that encompasses what our local movement is all about.

When it comes to buying books, you could always travel over to Barnes and Nobles or Books a Million. Unfortunately, these stores put independent booksellers out of business and offer a limited stock of books. They gouge writers out of profits, hinder creativity, and their profits don’t trickle back through local economies. All in all, they don’t do much good on a global or community level.

Monkeywrench Books in Austin, TX is a unique store that’s founded entirely on helping the community through evoking social change. It’s a non-profit bookstore that’s ran by a volunteer staff. But it’s more than just a bookstore. It’s a revolutionary social environment where people of all genders, races, orientations, and creeds can feel safe.

Monkeywrench Books is more than just a store to pick cliche classics off the shelves, it’s a place to go and discover new ideas. It carries the rare independent gems that you won’t find on your average bookshelves. If you like off the beat path books, Monkeywrench will be like stepping into a dream. They have everything from cookbooks to literature on indigenous rights.

The volunteer staff are passionate about their jobs and offer friendly suggestions. I found this refreshing because sometimes in certain environments, the staff might have pretentious tendencies. So, if you’re looking for a place to find information that will expand your mind, this is it. They tell the stories of the blue-collar Americans that keep this country running, and they aren’t afraid to put an emphasis on the tensions and struggles of people that mold Austin. Monkeywrench gives a voice to those groups of people who haven’t been given the opportunity to speak.