Show Your Pet You Love Them at Lofty Dog

dog getting its teeth brushedToday, Dr. Goehring is continuing in his endeavors to draw attention to the great local businesses that make Austin unique.

If you have a pet, it’s easy to end up at a big box store like Petco, where they offer your typical mundane array of Kong toys, commercial dog foods, and spotty customer service.

One local pet store in Austin, Lofty Dog has set out and succeeded in changing your pet store experience. They bring you the highest-quality pet supplies with the highest-quality customer service.

What sets Lofty Dog apart from the big box stores? For one, passion. The staff at Lofty Dog is passionate about animals, and it shines through with everything that they offer. They genuinely care about your pet’s health and want to help you by providing knowledgeable services.

This place is a dog lover’s dream. Your dog will have a field day at Lofty Dog. They have a unique array of dog treats, food, toys, accessories, and even grooming supplies. Especially if you have a new dog, this is your one-stop shop for all things dog related.

Our dog likes the Zukes treats, Elk antler sheds, and the Hear Doggy Toys. Hear Doggy Toys have an octave squeak that only dogs can hear. With that being said, we also like the Hear Doggy Toys, because the dog gets to enjoy the squeaky fun, without us having to hear it. It’s like a silent disco. Our dog has a field day with them, we get to watch him play, but we don’t have to hear the squeaks.

Their inventory of dog treats will make your dog roll over in a heartbeat. Even if you don’t have a food motivated dog, your bound to find a treat that your dog loves. They have “doggie sushi” that uses dehydrated apples as rice and beef, pork, or fish wrapped in seaweed paper. They even have “doggie burgers” made out of chicken breasts, liver, yam, apples, brown rice, and some other natural ingredients. At Lofty Dog, you can treat your dog with class.

If your pooch gets cold in the winter weather, they also have doggy clothes (and adorable costumes). If you’re really committed to your pet, you should try their “first Thursday” happy hours, where your dog can socialize and get free nail clippings, while you get to enjoy a tasty drink. They also use the proceeds to donate to rescue groups.

Lofty Dog is a great place to shop for dog food, especially if your dog has diet restrictions. They offer a huge list of healthy dog food at the same price that you would be paying at big box chains. They have canned food as well as dry kibble, raw frozen, and freeze-dried varieties. Our go-to is “Taste of the Wild” in kibble form.

Beyond bringing our community top-notch pet services, they remain a positive entity in our community by buying locally crafted goods and toys for dogs and cats. They continually host community events to help fund animal rescues and donate to various rescues to fund the medical care of displaced animals.

You can show your community support by giving to a local pet store that gives back and genuinely cares about dogs.