How to Choose a Dental Implant Provider

Friendly DentistThe choice to undergo dental implant treatment is a life-changing one. Dental implants currently stand at the brink of modern dental technology for being the healthiest tooth replacement option with the longest possible lifespan. However, the possibility of being able to leave dentures and dental bridges behind is quite an alluring positive outcome of dental implant treatment.

However, as with most all big decisions, there are steps which must be followed in order to make sure that decision is seen through to its very end. in the case of choosing to undergo dental implants treatment, your next step will be finding a dental implant provider with whom you want to work.

This is the step in the dental implant process that many people become stressed with, as there are numerous dental practices all across the nation who offer dental implant treatment. So where do you start? What do you even look for in a dental implant provider? What questions do you ask?

If any of these questions sound familiar then this page is for you. Dr. Goehring and the staff at Goehring Dental have decided to write a page dedicated to helping people find the right dental implant provider for them, as well as what they should be looking for in one. Hopefully, some of these hints help you out in your journey toward a perfect smile.

Don’t Be Scared to Ask Questions

The first thing you should understand is that this is YOUR body we are talking about here. Regardless of whether or not you are a current patient of the dental implant provider with whom you are speaking, it’s your right to ask questions. If at any time you are made to feel uncomfortable for asking questions, we suggest you take your business elsewhere

Now that we’ve established your right as a patient to ask questions we can move on to the other important stuff; the questions. If you are unsure as to what questions you should ask when searching for a dental implant provider, here are a few from us that you should feel welcome to use.

“Are there any before and after pictures of the dentist’s work I can see?”

Any decent dentist should have pictures of his or her work at the ready to display. Here at Goehring Dental, the work we have done and the flawless smiles we have helped create are elements of our work here that we are very proud of. If you wish to see samples of the beautiful smiles we have helped to create with dental implants then please feel free to ask!

“How long will the entire dental implants process take?”

This is yet another great question that should be answered during your private consultation with the dental implant provider. However, if you can’t wait until then and really want to know more about the time needed to complete treatment, please visit our dental implants process page.

“What kind of training has the dentist undergone?”.

This is a great question and one of the first ones that should be asked of any potential dental implant provider. One of the most important aspects of choosing a doctor to perform any medical procedure is making sure they are qualified and more than capable.

Most dentists will have some information as to where they received their education and what training they have undergone right on their web page. For instance, if you wish to learn about the extensive education and training our very own skilled Dr. Goehring has undergone then please visit our about page by clicking the highlighted link.

“How many successful dental implant cases has the dentist completed?”

The number of successful patients a dental implant provider has treated should be a source of pride for both them and their entire staff. Not all dentists will have an exact number of success cases they have completed, however, most will have a rough number with which they can provide you. If you would like to hear about the many patients who now have perfect smiles thanks to Dr. Goehring and dental implant then please ask us!

We hope these helpful hints have pointed you in the right direction in your journey to find a dental implant provider. If that direction now happens to be leaning toward our very own Dr. Goehring, then you can rest assured that you are on track for dental implant success!