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Hidden Cause of Halitosis: Tonsil Stones

Previously, we talked about the effects of ignoring your tongue in your brushing routine. If you remember, a common effect of not brushing your tongue is halitosis. Dr. Goehring is blogging from Austin, TX today to discuss a less-known cause of  bad breath, the tonsil stone. If you’ve ever coughed… Read More»
tonsil stones

Don’t Forget Your Tongue

Today Dr. Goehring in Austin, TX wants to talk about an area of oral hygiene that sometimes falls by the wayside. Oftentimes, people avidly brush and floss, but this is where their dental hygiene regimen ends. And unfortunately, people end up forgetting to take care of another pivotal element of… Read More»
brush your tongue

The Link Between Sleep and Oral Health

We all know that getting a good night's sleep is important for both our body and mind. What you might not expect is how closely your oral health is related to the amount of hours of sleep you get per night. Dr. Goehring explains the link between sleep and oral health.
Oral Health Affects Sleep