Support Local Flavors at Black’s BBQ

Black's BBQAustin is known for a couple of things, like our music scene and good food. Specifically, we’re all about our down home BBQ. In continuation of our discussion on local businesses, we want to talk about one of our favorite BBQ joints in town, Black’s BBQ.

While this might not be the best choice for vegetarians, Black’s BBQ is a meat lover’s paradise. They deal in meat, which is why their menu offers over 7 different cuts of flavorful smoked meat.

Since 1932, Black’s BBQ has been in the community for over three generations, and not much has changed since the beginning. The secret to good BBQ is to keep it simple with a nice slow smoke, and Black’s masters that time and time again.

Kent Black is currently the third generation pit master at Black’s, and he follows his family’s tradition by using a simple rub and slowly smoking his meats in local oak wood smoke. From their menu, you can choose from a variety of Texas BBQ classics, including briskets, pork spare rib, chopped beef brisket, giant beef rib, turkey breast, pulled pork, or artisanal sausages. Like any good BBQ joint, their meat is meant to be purchased by the pound, and quantity and quality go hand-in-hand.

Our Favorite Things About Black’s BBQ

All of their smoked meat is moist, flavorful, and of course, smokey. Their brisket has the perfect amount of fat, giving it a succulent texture. The turkey is another favorite. Turkey is an easy meat to dry out, but every time we order it at Black’s, it’s smoked to succulent perfection. You don’t have to worry about dry turkey here. Our personal favorite meat here is the pork spare ribs. The meat on the pork rib basically falls off the bone. The rub gives it a nice savory flavor, while the smoke ties it together, accenting the flavor of the pork.

It’s our belief that good BBQ doesn’t need a sauce, and this rings true for Black’s BBQ. However, if you’re the type that likes to coat everything in sauce, they have a variety of tasty sauces to choose from. You can choose one of their spicy sauces, traditional BBQ sauce, or experiment with different kinds to see which one suits your palate.

They also have a variety of down home sides, like homemade potato salad, mac ‘n cheese, cole slaw, baked beans, and potato chips. Because they understand diet restrictions, they also offer gluten free varieties of food. They’ll also let you know which sandwiches and sausages contain gluten, so you’re not left with a surprise. You should also expect to polish your meal off with one of their tasty and delightfully sinful desserts.

The atmosphere at Black’s is really neat, as well. It’s not the same hole in the wall vibe that you get from some BBQ places, but don’t let this fool you into thinking they aren’t authentic. Instead, they really highlight the craft, making it possible for you to get a good view of the kitchen cutting, seasoning, and smoking the different cuts of meat. The dining is family style, so you can hunker down at one of the long tables and prepare to feast.

The service here isn’t fancy. You order at the counter, then head to the community seating. At the same time, service is always friendly. They’re more than willing to help you with any questions and genuinely want to make your dining experience as amazing as possible.

Another small thing that sets Black’s apart from other BBQ joints in town is the music. If you’re anything like us, your experience at a restaurant is colored by the music they’re playing over the loudspeakers. Black’s BBQ always plays the best outlaw country music. Nothing sets the mood for some down home smoked meats like a crooning country ballad and a solid pedal steel guitar solo.