Attacking Bad Breath in Austin

bad breathHaving bad breath is normal part of life as a human. Occasional bad breath is something we all have to go through, despite how embarrassing it may be. However, its when bad breath is ignored, or not taken care of properly, that adverse oral health issues can arise which may put your dental implants at risk. Bearing this in mind, Dr.Goehring and the staff at Goehring Dental have decided to put together a quick list of ways you can battle bad breath during the day without a toothbrush. We feel out dental implants patients, especially those financing their own treatment, might really appreciate these helpful hints.

Carry A Travel Size Bottle of Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Mouthwash With You

Mouthwash is a great and effective tool for fighting bad breath during the day when a toothbrush might otherwise be difficult to find or use. One of the best things about mouthwash is that it can be used almost anywhere at any time. If you feel a bout of foul breath coming on, be it after lunch or for no reason at all, simply step into the nearest bathroom and give your mouth a quick rinse.

Rinsing with mouthwash is a lot like dousing a blazing campfire with a bucket of water. The bucket of water being the mouthwash and the campfire being the bacteria thriving and causing bad breath in your mouth. When you rinse with mouthwash, the antibacterial nature of the wash quickly kills a large portion of bacteria and gives your mouth a little break. Of course, bacteria can never be fully eradicated. it will always come back. That’s why maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day is important. However, in a pinch, mouthwash will do the trick.
Carry Dental Floss With You During The Day

Yes, we know. You’ve been hearing about how important flossing is from dentists all your life. However, now that you have dental implants it might be time to heed this advice. Flossing removes trapped food particles from in between the spaces in your teeth.

those trapped food particles, when not removed, simply sit on your teeth and gums accumulating bacteria that can not only cause bad breath but irritate your gums. When your gums become irritated and are not given reprieve oral health issues like gum disease can follow. If gum disease if not taken care of it can turn into a serious gum infection that can in turn put the success of your dental implants at risk.

Much like mouthwash though, dental floss can be used almost anywhere. Simply step into the nearest bathroom after lunch or anytime you are feeling like freshening up your mouth and give your teeth a quick flossing. You will be surprised just how much doing so can help the state of your breath.

We hope these quick and easy tips help you get a leg up in the daily battle with bad breath. Remember, a mouth without bad breath is a sign of a relatively clean mouth. A clean mouth is the most likely mouth to house successful dental implants.

Until next time readers, keep smiling.