Adventure with Rock-About Climbing in Austin

Rock-About Climbing in AustinWe’re going to shift our discussion back to small businesses in the Austin area. So far, we’ve discussed some of the things that Austin is famous for like local music venues and revolutionary bookstores. Today, we’re going to talk about a local business near Austin that’s providing our community with an adventure outlet.

Rock-About Climbing Adventures in Austin offers rock climbing classes for beginners, experienced climbers, and guided climbs for student groups. The number one priority at Rock-About Climbing is your safety and climbing experience. The guides at Rock About will help you have an amazing hiking, sightseeing, camping, and of course, climbing trip.

Rock About opened in 2001 as a way to provide Texans with a professional and safe way to learn rock climbing. All of the guides at Rock About are certified, and they have a track record of success. In fact, they’re ranked the number one attraction on TripAdvisor. All of the instructors at Rock About are passionate about their jobs and knowledgeable of the outdoors and survival.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill climbing gyms, Rock About teaches you functional skills and applies them in beautiful outdoor locations. It fights the 9 to 5 fluorescent light poisoning by actually getting you outside to climb. Most of the climbing trips that Rock About goes on are in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. However, most of the adventures take place around the Austin area.

Climbing Courses at Rock About

At Rock About, there are a number of courses you can choose from, depending on your skill and safety levels. All of the classes are centered around safety, fitness, and your environmental impact. Rock About is dedicated to helping you reach your goal of becoming a powerful climber. They’ll teach you how to leave no trace on rocks and help conserve park resources. No matter your individual goals, Rock About has a class that will suit your needs:

  • Climbing 101: In the intro class, you’ll learn safety skills, basic techniques, teamwork, and communication in climbing. This class exists at 3 different locations, depending on the calendar.
  • Groups and Corporate Outings: This is a good course for team bonding exercises. Since climbing and rappelling requires a lot of communication and goal solving, this can help your team grow with each other. Your corporate team will feel closer and stronger than ever.
  • Kids Camps: Rock About offers summer camps as a way to teach kids to get outside and climb, instead of staying indoors playing Minecraft all summer. This course will teach your kids how to make positive interactions, and it will help their general fitness.
  • The Warrior’s Way: This course for intermediate and advanced climbing helps with mental training. You’ll learn new techniques, flexibility, and how to stay calm in the face of risk. One of the number one ways that climbers hurt themselves is by not paying attention. Warrior’s Way program will help you focus on climbing and change the way that you view this sport
  • Lead climbing: Lead climbing teaches you how to safely climb lead using clipping bolts. Lead climbing is a good class for those who are ready to go without a guide. The most important aspect of this course is learning safe practices from a professional.
  • Traditional climbing: Traditional climbing it the safest way to learn how to protect yourself while you climb. They’ll teach you how to remove gear and build anchors, as well as build you climbing toolbox.

The professionals at Rock About are amazing at teaching new techniques and putting it in simple demonstrations, so you get the most out of your climb. We’ve also heard rave reviews of their children’s courses, even for high-energy kids. Next time you’re looking for an adventure around Austin, get outside and climb. You’ll be surprised at how fun and challenging it can be.