7 Tips To Keep Dental Implants Healthy

Smile ImageDental implants are a wonderful way to restore a smile and regain your self-confidence.  That being said, patients need to take steps to protect their investment and care for their dental implants.  A regular routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing is the most recommended way to maintain dental implants.  Here are seven helpful tips from the staff at Goehring Dental to keep dental implants healthy and functional:

1)    Keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.  Dental implant failure can be avoided in most instances by using the correct dental hygiene products and keeping your dental implant site as clean as possible.  Brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly are highly recommended to take full advantage of dental implant benefits.

2)    Maintain a healthy diet.  Just as a good diet can keep the rest of the body healthy and strong, it can also help keep teeth and gums healthy.  Foods like salmon, dairy products, peanut butter, raisins and green tea can all encourage healthy teeth, mouth and gums, as well as help with faster healing.

3)    Inspect dental implant site regularly.  Patients are encouraged to inspect their dental implant site regularly for any irregularities.  And changes or problems should be reported immediately to avoid complications.

4)    Avoid alcohol.  The temptation after dental implant surgery may be to have a drink to celebrate your beautiful new smile.  This is not advised and should be avoided if at all possible.  Recovery from dental implant surgery requires moist and healthy oral tissues.  Alcohol can cause inflammation, increase mouth infections and create dehydration of oral tissues.  These conditions can then slow down or stop proper healing after dental implant surgery.

5)    Stop smoking.  Smoking causes many dangerous health conditions, not the least of which is dental implant failure.  Smoking is known to alter the mouth’s ability to heal and cause greater risk for oral health problems like periodontial disease, tooth decay, peri-implatitis and oral cancer.  Patients are encouraged to stop smoking or at least curtail their habits while undergoing the surgical portion and recovery for dental implants.

6)    Avoid certain foods.  Certain types of food can cause increased chances of infection in the mouth or damage to dental implants.  Sugar, acidic foods, hard foods, sticky foods and extra-crunchy foods should all be avoided for better chances of dental implant success.

7)    Follow doctor’s instructions carefully.  Success before, during and after dental implants treatment will usually depend in large part on how well the patient follows doctor’s orders.  Things like preventing unnecessary pressure on the implant area are essential to proper implant healing.  Failure to follow similar orders could result in implant failure, increased chances of infection or significant pain.

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