6 Basic Facts About Teeth Grinding

teeth-grindingHere at Goehring Dental in Austin, TX, our staff believes in providing excellent treatment and follow up with our patients. Your total wellness is extremely important to us. This means that your dental health problems can go far beyond simple cavities, gum disease or dental implants. One issue that impacts many patients is various aspects of their lives is teeth grinding. Here are six additional facts that many people may not know about teeth grinding.

Fact One: What Is Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding, or Bruxism, is a term that refers to the shifting, clenching, gnashing of teeth. It can also apply to excessive movement of the lower jaw when a patient is asleep. Patients can experience tooth grinding when awake or asleep, but it is most common when the patient is sleeping.

Fact Two: What Happens If Tooth Grinding Continues?

Teeth grinding can do serious damage to the teeth and cause dangerous strain to jaw joints. According to dental professionals, teeth grinding is one of the most common causes of TMJ disorders. Other problems caused by tooth grinding are: headaches, gum recession, broken or damaged teeth and earaches.

Fact Three: Causes of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding causes include; crooked teeth, high levels of stress, misaligned teeth, or a combination of these causes.

Fact Four: What Is The Solution For Tooth Grinding?

One of the most common tools used to treat teeth grinding is a mouth guard. The mouth guard or plastic mouthpiece can be worn during the day or only at night to prevent the patient’s teeth from touching or grinding. Wearing a mouthpiece works effectively to limit stress on the jaw joint and reduce damage to surrounding teeth.

Fact Five: Stress Management Can Also Help

Many patients can reduce tooth grinding habits by practicing stress management techniques. Some of these techniques include: regular exercise, meditation, finding ways to refocus on non-stressful matters, relaxation and breathing techniques and yoga. Alternative techniques like acupuncture and aromatherapy have also proven helpful in reducing anxiety..

Fact Six: Customizing Treatments to Your Needs

Cases of teeth grinding vary from person to person, as well as the effects on each patient. Here at Goehring Dental, we believe that treatments need to be customized to fit each individual patient’s needs. We may recommend any of the above therapies or combine therapies to ensure the best possible chance of treatment success.

How Can Tooth Grinding Impact Dental Implants?

Tooth grinding is not just an inconvenience, it is a serious issue that ruin your dental implant benefits and cause dental implant failure if left untreated.  If you suspect that you are grinding your teeth and you are considering dental implants, it is a good idea to get the grinding under control before undergoing dental implants treatment.  Call our office today for more information about tooth grinding or dental implants.

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