The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Battles Tooth Decay

Women's SoccerAs the 2015 Women’s World Cup begins, it would appear that some rather interesting news in the dental world has begun to circulate in its stead. Despite the victories the talented ladies representing our county this year are bringing home for us, it seems the odds may be stacked against them in another type of match. Dental Implants Austin, Tx dentist Dr. Goehring would like to share with you the threat tooth decay is posing to the members of our Women’s National Soccer Team.

The origins of these reports, which have resurfaced with the commencement of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. date back to the 2012 Olympics. It was reported that oral problems were plaguing a staggering one-fifth of the athletes who were participating. Reports of continuous, nagging toothache were expressed by numerous athletes from all around the world. What was even more startling is the fact that nearly half of those athletes reported they had not seen a dentist in over a year.

So what was going on here? Why were so many athletes experiencing toothache?

The answer lies in their high-octane lifestyles and the diets many athletes tend to maintain in order to support them. The fact is that the life of an athlete is a tough one when it’s concerning the human body. Professional athletes dedicate their lives to pushing their bodies to the brink of total exhaustion and dehydration on a daily basis.

In order to support this level of frequent extreme physical exertion, many athletes maintain a high carb diet which is accented with the addition of consuming high-sugar sports drinks. On top of this, dry mouth is a common condition suffered by several athletes, due to this very same physical exertion. When looked at from a dental perspective, it seems an athlete’s life could spell disaster for their teeth.

Our Women’s National Soccer Team is no different. Their days are filled with running, sprinting and various forms of extreme physical activity that manages to burn through their body’s energy stores at a surprising rate. If those energy stores aren’t replaced, our girls could be left feeling the effects, therefore rendering them unable to perform at the level needed to compete in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

So how can they do both? How can the talented ladies representing America both protect their teeth and replenish energy stores?

Well, Dr. Goehring and the staff at Goehring Dental have a suggestion that just might prove to be a major boon for the teeth of the Women’s National Soccer Team and any athlete looking to refuel during a game while warding off tooth decay.

Low-sugar versions of energy drinks, like G2, mixed with a small amount of water will provide athletes with the fuel needed to replace electrolytes and energy stores in the heat of a match. The water will aid in replacing vital fluids lost through sweat. The sugar content is sports drinks is not necessary. The only purpose it serves is to improve the taste of the beverage and perhaps a short burst of energy that will fizzle out in no time.

We hope one of the ladies battling for the USA on the soccer field this year stumbles across this article. The staff here at Goehring dental are rooting for your oral health as well as your victory in this 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.


Until next time readers, keep smiling.